God's Festivals

The Wonder and Majesty of God’s Festivals and Holy Days.
Our Appointment with God

God's Festivals

God’s Holy Days, as first taught in the Old Testament are subjects that have gone largely overlooked for many years. These special occasions have great meaning that few have understood. Every one of these celebrations point to Jesus.


The story of

The Wonder and Majesty of God's Festivals and Holy Days

Imagine an appointment with God! Look no further than the pages of your Bible for the invitation. God made appointments to meet with us every year on His Holy Days. Jesus observed these important days and even enhanced them. Explore the many aspects of these special days including:

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Jesus said in Revelation 22:13, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” God’s holy days proclaim His plan for mankind from the beginning to the end. Come and join me on this journey into God’s marvelous festivals and holy days. A more intimate relationship with Jesus will be developed and your faith will be strengthened as you see the plan of God unfolding before your very eyes.

Learn about the past, present and future aspects to each of the feast days. Begin to know God and Jesus better by partaking in appointments that were made many years ago. Gain a deeper understanding into the interesting Hebrew calendar.

Praise the Lord Jesus as your faith is strengthened and a closer relationship with Him is developed.

Shalom U’Brechot – Peace and Blessings

Roots of Christianity Ministries is dedicated to inform, inspire, uplift and build faith in the lives of brothers and sisters in Christ as they see the plan of God unfolding from the beginning to the end.